Welcome to the design studio of Jeffrey Boyce.
I am a multidiscplinary UX designer focused on building products for Emerging Markets.

YouTube Go

Check out what I have been working on for the past few years in the Android Play Store:

YouTube Go is an app built specifically for Emerging Markets



Career Goals

I’m nearing my 1 year mark at YouTube, a video platform that is a subsidiary company of Google (which is now actually a subsidiary of a newly formed umbrella called Alphabet as of a few days ago), and wanted to take the time to reflect on where I’m at in my career and my journey up until this point. Not only is this reflection an output from my anniversary timing but… .....Continue reading

Monthly Product Review : Sonos Play 5

As part of a new monthly series, I am going to attempt to product review on some new consumer technology. Beyond sharing my personal experiences with new technology to interested viewers, this also gives me the chance to practice some quick movie shooting and editing. In this initial review, I shot this all with an iPhone 6 and edited it directly with the iMovie app. All footage was performed in… .....Continue reading



Makilaban is the design studio of Jeffrey Perona Boyce. Originally created as a cultural exploration project, it has evolved into a design studio that works on a variety of client and studio projects. I am a UX designer who lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.READ MORE