Hello my name is Jeffrey.

I am a UX designer in San Francisco, California and Makilaban is my design studio. I am passionate about building products for Emerging Markets.

The studio
Makilaban originally began as a personal cultural exploration project but carried over to serve as the name for my design studio. I work on both personal and client projects in a variety of different mediums. The following sections outline general services and principles that I deliver through my work.
Responsive process
I begin projects by gaining insights from the project owner(s) to understand their goals and desired results. I then proceed to perform a competitive and cultural analysis to see what existing concepts I can leverage. When time allows, I will also conduct user research to gain deeper insights to built the product to fit their need. Although I'm not well-versed in user studies, I make my best effort to integrate this aspect but prefer working with skilled researchers who are highly adept in properly framing effective user studies.
After gathering data and understanding the goals of the project, it is then compiled and channeled into a general mapping of the project followed by basic sketches and wireframes. Quick iterations are key in this step in order to provide many options for constructive review amongst the team and actual users. Steps are taken to filter through the various concepts and funnel it down to the key elements that will function best for the end user.
The final step after working through rounds of wireframes and fine tuning a structure is to add the visual finish. Whether the project is linked to an existing brand or needs a fresh new face, I design the product to really make it shine to the user. Not only do I want to make it functional but I also enjoy making the product beautiful to look at.
I enjoy working on products that aim to function with the natural behavior patterns of people and positively impact our lives. Technology is increasingly becoming more integrated into everything we do and I want to contribute to its development to help make our lives more efficient.
A user who enjoys using a specific product may not think about the amount of time it took to create it. And that's fine with me. I take the time to think through and design the UX and UI so that the user doesn't have to think at all when using the product - it just works for them.
I've been drawing since I was a kid, always had a keen eye for beautiful design, and love creating something pretty to look at. Making products functional is key but when its also beautiful it makes a user want to feel like they own it.
Over the years I've created websites for a variety of clients and build them from concept to completion. This includes the wireframing, designing, and front-end development. I work in HTML and CSS, basic PHP, and I can also integrate Open Source Code. I've also become adept in integrating Wordpress as a CMS platform.
From the big picture to the smallest pixel, I am attentive to all aspects that help define a company or project. I've built and collaborated on style guides with various companies and enjoy linking all the pieces together to represent the brand.
Current objective: Emerging Markets
Currently I am passionate about building products for Emerging Markets. My travels have enabled me to embrace the stories and experiences of this demographic which inspires and motivates me. I strive to create products that can positively impact the lives of underrepresented users.

If you wish to inquire about working with me, please use my contact form.