A simple calendar selector designed for users to easily designate their date of birth during the Tapjoy registration process.
Users who want to sign up for Tapjoy, a virtual rewards platform, must complete the initial registration process which requires their birthdate. Although I had a general idea of how to put together this seemingly simple design, I started off by examining and analyzing existing mobile calendars. This enabled me to understand the framework and limitations in what I would encounter. Ultimately, I wanted this calendar to be very simple and efficient for users to quickly input their birthdate.
Guidelines & constraints
  • Three properties that are required from users: Month, Date, & Year

  • Accommodate extensive number of values within each property and ensure they are large enough for user touch

  • Latest year to be selected should be 13 years from today‚Äôs date to adhere to age requirement for registration

  • Make it simple for users to select correct values and quickly complete process
After understanding the framework of the project, I proceeded to create a general user flow that defined all of the necessary elements and steps.
Quick iterative wireframes
These helped define the architecture and simple interactions that we wanted to design for our users. This also helped provide the blueprint for developers to put it together.
Visual design
The language and visual design were delivered to match the Tapjoy brand and UI style guide.
Ready to go
The initial tab is already activated upon launch in order to prompt the user to begin selecting their appropriate values.
Responsive and proactive
The next tab is automatically activated once you select a value.
Seamless experience
Users can easily move through the various sections of the calendar to make their selections.
Go shawty, its yo' birthday