We developed a dashboard for users to be able to control all aspects of their account. This not only helped our consumers but also benefited our customer service team by alleviating their workload from account inquiries.
Tapjoy is a virtual rewards and mobile advertising platform that was defining their consumer focus at the time of this project. Users had the ability to create an account directly with Tapjoy and in order to provide them with more control of their profile, we wanted to design a settings panel. I sat down with a product manager to absorb and familiarize myself with the project and together, we listed out the goals we wanted to accomplish.
Goals & scope
  • Interview the head of customer support to understand common user issues that we could potentially resolve through our design

  • Enable users to modify their profile credentials (name, gender, location, password, etc)

  • Incorporate a notifications section where users could control the Tapjoy alerts they receive

  • Make it easy for users to navigate through this section considering its vast array of features
After understanding the goals of the project, we took the time to conceptualize and document our intiial ideas through an open whiteboard session. Next, I interviewed the head of customer support to gather his insights on user problems that we could potentially remedy through our design. I visualized all of this information gathered by mapping out all of the working pieces and developing a cohesive system that made sense for our users.
By mapping out all of the necessary elements to develop a unified system, it also helped reveal the 5 different categories where we would eventually bucket all of the features.
Settings categories
ProfileThis space was reserved for general credentials such as name, age, gender, email, etc. It also contained the ability to edit your password or close your account entirely.
DeviceIf a user had multiple devices where they accessed their profile, this area enabled them to manage those access points. They had the option to modify the names of their devices and add or disconnect a device altogether.
NotificationsWe created a network to alert the users of all of their activities via email, SMS, or within the Tapjoy platform. Here users have the opportunity to modify where they receive those notifications and for what specific events.
SocialThis enables users to control all of their social publishing settings. It also gave them the opportunity to turn on social integration if they haven't already.
HelpFor those users who still have lingering questions, we created this help section loaded with FAQ's. If they need further assistance, they are able to contact customer support directly.
Quick iterative wireframes
These helped define the architecture and helped me visualize how all of the pieces fit together. It also helped provide blueprints to the developers.
Visual design
The language and visual design were delivered to match the Tapjoy brand and UI style guide.
Complete control
We wanted to empower users to be able to define everything related to their account.
Device management
This enabled the user to ensure that their account was accessible across all of their devices.
Brand recognition
The discernible Tapjoy red, supporting gray tones, and flat design were integral to the overall look of the UI.